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Facial Massage

On the grind sometimes we need a little rejuvenation and stress relief.  So try a little facial self masage.

Drop a small amount of massage oil onto your index fingers, lubricate them well.

Start in the center of your forehead and gently slide your fingers of both hands outwards.

Next, start at the center of your nose and rub gently outwards across your eyes, cheeks and lips.

Starting from the center, slide the fingers of both hands gently in opposite directions across your forehead.   Stroke the contours of your face from the center outwards.

Next, stroke below your eyes, along your cheeks, covering your nose and lips.

Now tap along the jaw line and under your jaw with flat fingers continue to tap. Do this for about 30 seconds.

Be careful to not get the oil in your eyes or mouth.


Do the Impossible!!

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”
“Nothing Is Impossible” by Christopher Reeve (2002)

Well spoken Mr Reeves. Let’s take into consideration this was the mighty “Superman” who after a horrible horse riding tragedy in 1995 was reduced to a wheelchair, but he did not let that stop him from lobbying on behalf of persons with spinal cord injuries like himself and founding two organizations as well as writing, directing and even acting. He did not give up and only once after his injuries did he ever consider suicide. I found his story so inspirational, him and so many others that have gone through horrible tragedies, are still able to carry on with their lives, normal, happy and fulfilling. So how can I possibly get depressed after a bad day at the office?

Let me share some inspirational words and advice that I use myself.

Learn to accept yourself. That is so important. You’re a nerd, you’re goth, you’re weird, love it and love you!! Let go of the negative emotional baggage you have been carrying. And don’t take on the negativity of others! Only by doing this will you be able to deal with your life in a realistic and positive manner. Give yourself permission to change and grow. Accept yourself imperfections and all. Nobody is perfect, don’t expect it from yourself, and don’t expect it from others. You can’t possibly live up to such high expectations of yourself or anyone else. Accept yourself the way you are, because you’re a very great person. Say it aloud ten times over, this is called Positive Affirmations and it helps a lot!

Work toward personal development and growth. Are you sacrificing your needs to take care of other people’s needs? Take time every day to pamper yourself for fifteen to thirty minutes. Do not spread yourself so thin that you are constantly feeling stressed out because you cannot accomplish everything that needs to be done. Try to stay away from situations that make you feel stressed and out of control. If you keep your focus on the important things in your life, you will improve your personal life immensely. It’s also good to try and learn something new, broaden your horizons, read a book!

Do not allow people to limit you or your abilities. If you allow others to influence you, it may slow down your progress. If you have a goal that you feel others may not understand, keep it to yourself. You can share it with them once you have accomplished it and they will be impressed with what you have done. You have to believe that you have the ability to do whatever you put your mind to. If others try to discourage you, learn to ignore them. Each time you achieve something that others said could not be done, you will increase your self esteem. Never give up!!

And always remember that there are others worst off than you, doing amazing things because they never gave up, never gave in, stayed positive and motivated and passionate no matter what the outlook of life.

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