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Tips for BBM

Wow, you now own a Blackberry and the first thing on your mind is Blackberry messenger or BBM. But before you go giving out your pin, there are some things that you should know. And for BBM veterans, a few tips to keep in mind.

First, limit your contacts. Why? Let’s take the Earthquake in Haiti for example. There was this mass broadcast that Blackberry would give 0.35c for broadcasting a help Haiti message. It was false and annoying! But it’s better to keep your BBM contacts to people you know will respond right away. You know, friends that you actually speak with on the regular. There are too many hoaxes, false promos and illegal messages trying to con and solicit money from persons. You don’t want a spammer as a friend!

Second, Do NOT share your BlackBerry PIN or barcode with just anyone; Do NOT post your PIN or barcode on your public Twitter or Facebook account; Do NOT include your BlackBerry PIN or barcode in your fixed e-mail signature. You’re just begging for a spammer to target you.

Third, caution when joining BBM groups. You should change your settings to limit notifications, not save group message history, and to not automatically save pictures. If you allow those things, they can really slow down your BlackBerry.

Fourth and Very Important!! Back up your contacts! You don’t want to have to go through the hassle of trying to contact all your friends to get their pin and info again.

Finally, and this is true for emails as well as BBMs, DON’T accept any file transfers from unknown sources or if they aren’t expected on your phone. If the file name looks funny, contact the person to be sure they meant to send this to you and what it is. Better safe than sorry!

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