I Draw the Line Here

“I draw the line here” is the name of the campaign by a union for Dutch nurses. Why? Because they are advocating that sexual services are not part of their duties and therefore patients should not demand it as part of their standard care.

And why? Because a 24 year old nurse taking care of a 42 year old disabled dude witnessed for herself as other nurses gave the man sexual gratification. But when she gave him the “hell no!” He tried to dismiss her on the grounds that she was unfit to give him the proper care! The union NU’91 says that sex can never be part of the nurses responsibilities and while its true the client is free to ask for what they need, the nurse can always sort an escort agency for assistance and not be demanded the service herself.

Now I know that prostitution is legal in Amsterdam so this fight going down for whether sexual services should be part of health care seems retarded. The patient can always hire a hooker. I think that its an insult to the professionalism of the nurses. As for those that did go ahead and sleep with the guy, wow, sluts!

Live. Laff. Love
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