Man Killed for cell phone call

You thought you had it rough when the authorities rail on you for driving and being on your cell phone.

Well, begin to appreciate the fact that you have the freedom to actually use your cell phone as you please!!
Consider this poor guy in North Korea, Jung.  Authorities captured him in his home, and after interrogation he confessed about his phone activities.  This included calling his friend in South Korea to complain about the conditions in the North.  Afterwards he was killed by a firing squad for disobeying the law.

Wait! What?! Killed for making a call?  Yeah! You see North Korea has strict laws regarding cell phone use. The authorities only allow national calls and even these are restricted to the Pyongyang area. Thus, there was a ban on making any international calls and they especially disapproved of calls to the South.

So next time to pick up your blackberry, Iphone, N98 or even your coral phone, be damn happy and appreciate your freedom and your right to use it! 


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