Lady with a Horn

I know if I ever saw a woman with a horn growing out of her head… oye gajay that dere!!  You don't get on this woman's wrong side because cheeeeeze she probably has the dark forces on her side!  Beware!!

Horn lady is 100 year old Zhang Ruifna from central China.  What started as a lump of rough skin from yesteryear, sprouted into a 6cm long horn. And it looks like another one is coming out the other side!!

But science has an explanation for these things.  The condition is called "cutaneous horn" which is an uncommon deformity.  Made of keratin (form of hard protein that makes nails and claws) these horns usually develop in the elderly especially those who've been exposed to a lot sun. Some cases have been known to be cancerous.  It can be removed surgically, but Zhang and her family are too poor to afford hospital bills, and since it causes her no pain she continues to enjoy her peaceful life.


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