Jailed for a kiss?

Dubai might have the most luxurious hotels and beaches but they are pretty strict when it comes to public conduct.  A British couple have been given one-month jail time for kissing intimately in public and consuming alcohol in full view of an Emirati (citizen of the UAE- United Arab Emirate) child and mother, who complained of their "indiscretion".  The pair are consulting their lawyer on whether to appeal, but right now out on bail and have to pay $272 USD for illegal consumption of alcohol after serving their jail term.

Two other cases where Brits have broken the Dubai laws:  a british couple who shared a hotel room were put on trial for having sex out of marriage but escaped by producing a marriage certificate and another couple had their jail terms appealed when they were found guilty of drunken sex out of wedlock on a public beach.  They were however deported.

I know where I'm not going for my honeymoon!


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