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3 layer Blu-Ray 100GB Disc!

Sharp Japan has announced the VR-100BR1, the world’s first Blu-ray disc that’s compatible to the BDXL format. with storage capabilities up to 100GB of data on the three-layer discs, it’s twice as much as the capacity conventional dual discs have.

Sharp says the 100GB are enough to store about 720 minutes of terrestrial digital broadcasting and are only compatible with two new recorders Sharp plans to release in Japan at the end of this month.

The discs are obviously hitting Japanese stores month end and expected to sell for USD $55 EACH.



Official Gundam Airline!

Of course, brought to you by the Japs!  What will they think of next, right?  But it looks so cool, I would kill to be able to ride in it just to say that I rode on a Gundam…..Plane, lol!

Check out the vid:

Gundam Airlines

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