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Prison Restaurant – Fine Dining in the Slammer!

Enjoy the video ’cause I know that I did.  The Japs never cease to amaze me with the quirky and weird things that they come up with.
So you can go to Alcatraz Restaurant, the handcuff you and take you to your cell and then you can order your email.
Then occasionally, there’s a prison break, to complete your dining experience!

The Jack Weight

They might call it the shake weight but lets be honest…. that't not what it looks like. Husbands everywhere can now buy a "thoughtful" gift for their wives and reap all the benefits.  
It seriously looks like exercise machines are getting more and more ridiculous.  There's even one where you go on all fours and swing your bottom half from side to side or open and close your legs.  What happened to jogging? What happened to swimming or biking?  Why pay money for crap when moving your body is free? 

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